Plato, as one of the most influential philosophers, to the world and beyond-world,
classify beings as “ideas” and “phenomena.” He believes that, if everything is changing, then
there would not be the knowledge as a thing. Therefore, he determines that while the
phenomena exist in a continuous change, ideas are statical and stay as they always have been.
Ideas, according to Plato, are independent of time and space. They are the essence of
understanding the truth, while all the alterations and fluctuations are incarcerated in the
phenomena. (Akbay, 2017). For Plato, the primary life goal is to reach knowledge, so that he
built the world of ideas. Throughout this essay, Plato’s world of ideas will be examined by
referring to his cave allegory; after that, its reflection on the present digital world will be


After the 2000-2001 economic crisis and the rise of the AKP government, we see comprehensive reforms in many areas in Turkey’s public administration. These reforms significantly represent neoliberal approaches in economic orientation. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) implementations came into importance between the 2000s and 2010s. The World Bank (2019) defines PPP as a tool to build high-quality infrastructure and efficient and sustainable public services for people. This article will investigate the Build-Lease-Transfer model of Public-Private Partnership and one example of the BLT model as city hospitals in Turkey with their discussions around.

Istanbul Conventıon and Syrıan Women

stanbul Convention stands on the violence against women and domestic violence by without concerning the gender or age of the victims of abuse. As an international agreement, it is treated differently by constitutions, and it also takes part differently in the hierarchies of their law systems. Turkey approved the constitution in 2011, and since the international treaty is about human rights and freedoms, it is accepted that it has a higher status than codes in the Turkish legal system. According to the specific articles of the Istanbul Convention, the parties take responsibility for all the women and victims of domestic violence who live in the borders of states. Accordingly, Turkey shall apply the necessities to protect the immigrants who live there. Thus, Turkey is liable to provide the prevention of violence against Syrian immigrant women in its borders.

Yerel Seçimlerde Yabancılar ve Oy Kullanma Hakkı

Türk Vatandaşlığı Kanununun üçüncü maddesine baktığımızda, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devleti ile vatandaşlık bağı bulunmayan kişinin ‘yabancı’ olarak nitelendiğini görürüz. Her ne kadar yabancı olma durumu kısıtlamalar içerisinde yer almasa da Anayasamızca yerel ve genel seçimlerde seçme ve seçilme hakkı yalnızca Türk vatandaşları için korunmaktadır. Bu çalışmada, Türkiye vatandaşı olamayıp Türkiye’de uzun süre ikamet eden kişilerin yerel düzeyde seçme hakları olup olmamasını değerlendireceğiz.