“Man Against Fire” mentions that there are roaches that are like sick people/zombies, people think roaches have bad blood, and because of that, they tend to the criminal and healthiness, and the soldiers try to destroy them. Moreover, Stripe is a soldier, but he realizes some roaches’ realities through his Mass get fault. Mass is a military weapon used for communicating and directing the soldiers, and besides, Mass blocs the sense organs. Also, in the episode, a nuance of Fascism could be observed.

   At first, the soldiers get news from the close village; the roaches attacked the villagers and took their food. Soldiers go there and learn the land of some roaches. The man who is called Mr. Hieddiker hides and saves the roaches from the people. Because according to him, “It is not their false they are like that. They did not ask for this”.  However, according to Medina, the leader of soldiers, “They are (roaches) carrying sickness, and it could have been avoided.”. That conversation mentions one of “Fascism’s anti-character,” which is “anti-individualism” (Heywood, 2013). Individualism means that individuals have natural rights at birth, and one of them is the right to life, but in the scene, Medina represents Fascism and against the roaches’ live (Heywood, 2013).

   In the other scene, three soldiers, Stripe, Medina, and Raiman, go to the roaches’ land, then Medina is shouted at by the roaches. After that, Raiman and Stripe start shooting at the roaches, but at the same time, Stripe’s Mass getting deactivated. After that, Stripe starts smelling, and also, he cannot see the roaches like before he saw. He sees ordinary and frightened people.  Cause of that, he does not shoot them. Unlike Stripe, Raiman shoots them as well as repeatedly; she kills them without mercy. Because according to her, they are sick and attacker people. So they are fighting when Stripe tries to prevent her not to shoot roaches. In these seen, Ramian is an unquestioned person like exactly what Fascism wants. According to Fascism, there must be “Unquestioning obedience to the supreme leader” (Heywood, 2013). Also, everything for the state on this basis, Ramian can kill them quickly and nonthinking.

   In the last scene, Stripe is detained by soldiers because of his fight with Ramian and his changing ideas about roaches. Stripe and a psychiatrist in the isolation room. Furthermore, the psychiatrist says, “The roaches have higher rates of cancer, criminal tendencies, sexual deviances.” cause of that reason, he thinks roaches should die. That speech is like Hitler’s Nazism that is creating an “Aryan race.” Moreover, he says, “It is a lot easier to pull the trigger when you are aiming at the bogeyman. The villager would not do it. They do not have Mass.” According to Fascist, people are the weak and emotional cause of that; they need to be united. With the Mass, their feelings and thinking ability are taken by the state to prevent the soldiers from emotional choices.

   To conclude, Fascism is based on controlling people in an extreme form up to their feelings. Fascism refuses individuals and their values, and fascists think nothing outside the state, and also they try to create a “master race.” They want submissive people for easy control. If examined carefully, with the Man Against Fire episode, many of Facism’s based ideas can be observable.


Andrew Heywood, Politics (4. Edition), Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

Black Mirror- Man Against Fire. 2016. Directed by J. Verbruggen. United Kingdom: Netflix.

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